Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Friends (Part II)

You may be wondering ... how did this group of women come together?  Well, there's a website called babycenter.com that is dedicated to all things pertaining to babies.  We all visited this website often when we were pregnant with our toddlers as it is a wonderful resource.  Our first encounter was on a message board dedicated to "August '08 Babies".  Around June '09, "bibliofile" (aka Caryn) started a silly post and we all quickly joined in to comment.    It was fun getting to know the real "funkythickburger" (aka Laura) and "krazygirl" (aka Rebecca) and finding the real meaning as to why "bsobol" suddenly became "justmrsjohnson" (aka Buffy)!  This same post grew to over 570 pages and 1000 postings.  Over the next few months, the friendship grew and we decided to take our relationship to the next level.  We started a group on Facebook and the rest is history!

Holly ... Sweet Holly!  She is the feminine touch in a houseful of boys!  She has the patience of a saint and is a devoted wife to Mitch, and mama to 2 year old Luke and 4 month old Keiran.  She is passionate about raising her family in a strong Christian home and probably has every single Imagination Movers episode memorized!  She also has a great blog http://musiccitymommy.com/

Cute Luke!

Baby Keiran!

Randi ... The Energizer Bunny!  Randi lives in Mississippi, is married to Chris and they have spunky little Rylee!  Rylee has 3 older siblings who dote on her like crazy!!  Randi is proof positive that having children keep you young because she has had 4 kids (ranging in age 20 to 2) and can run circles around the rest of us!

Randi and Rylee on the left (with Laura and Henry)

And yes, that is Rylee's closet!  I'm so jealous!

Claudia ... Spicey and Feisty!  She transplanted to the US from the Dominican Republic and I am so happy she stayed!!  She currently lives in NY with her husband, and daughter Julia.  She is pregnant with her second child and is due around the first of June.  I applaud her for waiting until the baby is born to see if it is a girl or boy, but the suspense is killing me!  Claudia and I have met each other too when work has shipped me off to NY.
Claudia (and Courtney)

Me and Claudia with a TALL cross dresser in NY.

Caryn ... Mrs. Caryn!  Mrs. Caryn!  She is a natural born leader as evidenced by her creating this gang of mamas!  She's also a teacher and decided to marry a teacher and does an amazing job of teaching her sweet toddler, Ethan.  She lives in Colorado and is currently baking her second child too (our due dates are 1 day apart!)

Caryn and Ethan on the right (with Cindy and Carter)

We are a true sisterhood and support each other through all things ... good and bad.  Poor Holly didn't have the best time while she was pregnant with her littlest man, Keiran,   After her second (or was it third) trip to the ER in hopes that Baby K was on his way, she was at her wits end.  She was downright miserable and on the verge of hopelessness!  Since none of us live close enough to Holly to physically be there for support, we all joined together and showed our love for her by tying ribbons around our wrists.  The ribbons stayed on until Keiran came out!







Courtney (and Claire)




Holly told her family about what we were doing and they all joined in too!

Holly, her husband and her mom


The Greaby Family said...

I think I should stop reading this at work! It is making me tear up!!!!!

Claudia said...

I got emotional too reading this. Love you girls!!

TheDearmanFamily said...

Becky, you are doing an amazing job of summing up everybody!

Amanda said...

Love you Ladies <3 I would be lost with out yous! Ditto Laura!

I also like how in my ribbon pic, you can clearly see im at work, ah-ha, just like now :P

Randi said...

Great job Becky! I love you guys too!!

Caro said...

That made me tear up as well! Way to go Becky! Love you guys:)

Cindy said...

You are doing a great job Becky.