Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's about the journey ...

It was Sunday, February 13th ... the weather was perfect ... bluebird sky and 65 degrees with a slight wind coming out of the south.  North Texas was plagued for 2 weeks with record breaking cold temperatures and 2 ice storms.  Needless to say, the Leverett house was suffering from some major cabin fever!

Our Sunday chores were complete by 2:00 so the three of us piled into the grime covered Altima for a Sunday roadtrip.

No responsibilities.  
No particular place to be.  
Just a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Who could ask for more?

First stop:  Fuel for the car and Fuel for our bellies!

While heading up Preston Road, Shaun randomly asks "Where's Krugerville?"  We have no idea where or what Krugerville is but type it into the TomTom.
Hmmm ... 30 miles away ...

Second stop: Krugerville

There's really nothing in Krugerville ... lots of cows and horses.  After Krugerville, we puddle west through Ponder and ponder where to go next ...

Third stop: Lake Ray Roberts (aka "Ray Bob")

Shaun and I spent many, many lazy Sundays on Ray Bob fishing before Nathan came along.  Being there made me tear up.  I miss that peace and bond that Shaun and I share and can't wait to share the same with Nathan someday.  Ray Bob was the highlight for Nathan ... he threw rocks.  Lots and lots of rocks!

But there's only so many rocks to throw so we pile back in the car in search of the next adventure.  We head through Krum and go south; that's when we saw it.  The beautiful red, oval shaped sign that is so rare in Plano.  We heard the angels singing in the background and knew we had to stop!  DQ!  A Blizzard to a pregnant woman is comparable to oxygen and water!  It is a necessity.

Fourth stop: Dairy Queen

This spur of the moment adventure reminded me that life is truly all about the journey, not the destination.  Just like the stages in life, each stop on Sunday's journey was new and exciting.  Sometimes the next stop is better than the previous stop and other times, you feel like the trip was a waste.  Our trip reminded me that the most important things in life aren't a destination.  The most important things in my life were right there, taking the journey with me!  The journey is so much more fulfilling with them by my side!


Anonymous said...

Loved it!!! I love road trips without agenda just for fun!!! Love the end....so true!!! dd

The Greaby Family said...

So sweet that you recognize such a simple day is rare and needed!
And yes, blizzards to preggo's are like oxygen, the DQ in our town burned down when I was like 3 months preggo, it was a sad, sad day, I think I may have cried......